#2 "Integration" publishing


The hit single "integration" has been released and is available on all music download platforms.

#2 hit single "Integration" publishing


We are pleased to inform you that the hit single "integration" will soon be published. Let yourself be surprised!

Cover Martines Integration 2014

#3 press release


What is culturally and internationally, the greatest common denominator of humanity? This is the question that Graziella Martines asked herself in connection with the issue of integration and her answer was music. In the song called "integration" she deals with the sensitive topic in her own way, which accompanies her, her whole live. Integration goes far beyond the issue of immigration and naturalization, says the Italian-born. It is about connecting people of different age groups, languages, religions, origins, people with diseases, about people with and without disabilities. Integration concerns every single one of us and everyone is a part of it.

Dieter Wiesner, the former manager and friend of Michael Jackson became aware of this project and organized for the new artist with the extraordinary idea an appointment with the experienced producer Rekardo Heilig. The music producer from Bremerhaven, with over 30 years of experience in the music industry and successful numerous albums, was very taken by the idea of the newcomer and saw potential in her vision, to remind people with a song that everybody can do his part to unite the society. For this reason, it was also very important to relinquish on models for the musicvideo. To ensure the authenticity of this heart-project, we chose friends and relatives, confirmed Rekardo Heilig. With the catchy song, the artist and her team follow the intention to start a movement, which is also symbolically supported by the integration logo. The two hands moving towards each other, with individual fingers of different skin colors symbolize the equality of humanity, in spite of different origins.

We cannot decide, as which person we come into this world, but we have a life time to make the best of it and to become the best human being we can be. Every day new.

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